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    Small Smoke Machine

    Trying something new for a future project on my list, once fully finished it will be a two part system consisting of the head unit (utilizing a v2 removable cartridge - and the air pump.

    The pump and heating element will be controlled by a PIC microchip, actuated by a push button or possibly magnetic reed switch.

    At the moment I have a working demo of the unit, all that's left is now soldering up the PCB with the components. The head unit was all fabricated with a two part hard plastic epoxy, different then the traditional resin that I use for the claws (this epoxy emits more heat but dry's less then 30 mins and hardens to a solid rock with a white pigment.

    To the right shows the output of how much smoke is possible with this smaller discreet unit. It's split with a Y adapter so it can be mounted in two nose holes on the head.

    Once I have this complete I'll also post up a short video so stay tuned! :)

    Last Updated: 05/06/2014