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    LED Resin Claws - Hands
    Availability: In Stock

    Price: (Per Set) $65.25

    *Claw Version:
    *Number of Claws:
    *Claw Style:
    *Claw Color:
    *LED Color Output:
    *Claw Finish:
    Custom Note:


    These claws are clear casting epoxy resin made, which allow for flexibility to last for years of use and clarity as well as a smooth surface. Our own design allows your finger tip to be able to control how the claw moves as well as an added depth of perception while being worn. We also carry a flat or non-cup version.

    Each claw is also made to allow a small LED to be placed inside to illuminate which then are tied together. The paw wire harness includes the LEDs (your choice of color) with a quick disconnect for ease. It also includes 2 - 9v battery terminals with quick disconnects and two elastic bands for your wrist / ankle that holds each battery (with each paw having it's own battery source this saves on battery usage as well as not getting tangled up in wires).

    Claw styles: Diffused (semi-transparent) or Transparent with custom color tint (Example: Transparent Blue, Diffused Purple, etc), as well as the following LED illuminating colors:

    • White
    • Red
    • Blue
    • Green
    • Orange
    • Yellow
    • Violet (UV)
    • *Custom (Want a combination of the colors above in a certain order? Tell us what you want by typing in the comment section of checkout)

    *Claw Color may very with final set but should be very close to what you have selected.  



    This kit includes the following:

    • Resin Claws with fixed LEDs, harness
    • 2 - 9v terminals and 2 elastic bands
    • Installation PDF (Download Here)



    Item is available to ship in 5 to 14 days, depending on availability.