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Queue List
(+) What is the queue list?

The queue is a list of customer commissions that are locked into a designated start date. This does not include smaller items (like store purchases) or smaller projects, since these can be worked on very quickly.

(+) How do I get into the queue list?

You will have the chance to get into the queue list once I open for new commissions, about every few months. With the limited number of spots that will be available, they will be filled pretty quick so please make sure to have an account already created on this site along with having a quote saved from the Quote Builder.

(+) Can I pay extra to be moved to a closer starting date?

No. Doing so would push the starting date behind for not only the person you would be getting in front of, but for the entire queue.

(+) What is the average completion time with a commission?

Normally for a fursuit project this can take anywhere between 3 to 6 weeks once started. If there is multiple items (like an additional body suit, paws, head) this time can increase.

(+) Is the start date I am given the exact time my commission will be started?

That is the goal, so it’s easier to plan not only for the person getting the commissions but on my end as well. But delays can come up resulting in the starting date to be pushed. This is the reason why I will only keep a short queue list from now on is mainly to help with this issue, if something comes up then I can halt new openings till I know things are caught back up.

(+) Will you work on adult related items?

Yes. I do offer some wearable options and can also add in extra zippers for adult related activities.

Please make sure to verify your account and enable the adult option in your profile to view available options in the quote builder and store.

(+) How old do I have to be to place an order for a fursuit?

You need to be at least 18 years old to commission a fursuit. If you are under, you need to have a parent or legal guardian contact me first.

(+) If an item does not fit do you offer adjustments?

Yes, for all commissions I can make adjustments if needed. For the first instance it’s free of charge, after that I will charge a repair fee depending on the adjustments.

(+) How long do items purchased from the Roofur store take to complete (like sandals, claws..)?

Many items in the Roofur store can take around one to two weeks to complete, unless you are requesting multiples of an item.

When viewing an item, look at the Availability field above the amount and that will show how fast you can expect to see the product shipped once purchased. For items that display In Stock will more then likely be shipped out immediately, unless grouped with a multiple item order.

(+) What is the down deposit?

The down payment is your commitment to accept the commission, guaranteeing you a starting spot on the queue.

If your commission has not been started yet and you want to cancel, you will receive a partial refund back, minus any material purchased and transaction fees. But if the commission is already being worked on, the deposit is nonrefundable.

(+) Can I make payments for the deposit?
No, only the full amount of the deposit will be accepted.
(+) Can I make payments after the deposit is paid?

Yes, after the deposit amount is met you have the option to make payments or you can pay it all in full.

(+) When do I need to have my commission paid in full?

For ease I would recommend having it paid in full before or around the start date of your commission.

Depending on your method of payment, some transactions might not be instant and will be in pending status till it clears the bank. If this happens around the time of completion of your commission, I would have to hold from shipping till the amount is approved.

(+) What if I am unable to pay off the commission?

If anything happens financially to you or you see there will be an issue coming up, please contact me right away.

If it’s before the starting date of your commission, you have the option of pushing back your commission a few months in the queue. But if you think you will have to cancel your commission, a partial refund can be giving for what you have paid in already (minus any materials purchased and processing fees).

If your commission is currently being worked and cannot complete payment, I will still complete the commission but will hold onto it for a few months, giving you time to make smaller payments. As long as you communicate back with me I don’t mind holding onto it till you are able to pay it off.

If there is no communication after 6 months then the commission is forfeited and sold to recoup loss.

(+) Do you ship outside of the United States?

Yes, I can ship internationally.

Please note that your country will charge you an import tax that can be very costly (you can expect to pay as much as 600 upon collection of your shipment box). This is something I have no control over and can not discount on your order, so please make sure to calculate this into consideration on a purchase. If you have any questions on this please contact me and I will help where I can.

(+) Do you ship to conventions or hotels?

Yes, as long as the hotel allows packages to be received. Please check with the hotel on any requirements for the shipping label (if a room number or name is needed), as well as any restrictions.

(+) What shipping services do you offer?

I ship with the United Parcel Service (UPS), FedEx and the United States Postal Service (USPS), standard ground, 2 day and overnight.

All high valued boxes (like fursuit commissions) I normally ship with UPS, and insure the full amount of your commission.

For international orders, I would recommend UPS since they have a better track record of delivering your order in a few days.