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Head Construction
Key Features
  • Adjustable fitting
  • Static and Movable Jaw
  • LED Lighting Features
  • Fan System
Every head is custom made using urethane foam. To capture each characters unique facial features the foam is hand carved. Once the pieces are assembled on a lightweight foam frame, the inside is lined with a soft material that closes any exposed foam and adds for comfort of wearing. The inside padding is also easily adjustable to fit every head.
For heads with a movable jaw, a stainless steel wire frame is used to allow pivoting of the lower jaw, operated by your chin.
The eyes can either be built as flat toony eyes, 3D "follow me" eyes or as realistic resin eyes (where you would look out of the tear duct for vision). For the first two options, the design of the eyes is transferred to a semi-transparent material in the process of sublimation, allowing for the eyes to be very detailed and waterproof. For realistic resin eyes the image is printed and encased in resin.
Only premium quality fur is used for the entire construction, all sewn and adhered to the head. This process creates a smooth finish look that is more durable and soft all around.

It All Starts with Foam

For all soft parts (such as the muzzle, cheeks, ears, feet, etc.), I start by sketching out on a urethane foam block and then use a sharp blade to carve out all pieces and shape them according to your reference.

Doing this allows me to make every build a one of a kind.

Fur Shaving

If a certain length is needed to achieve the look the material can be trimmed down.

This is always done on the front of the head, shortening down the fur on the muzzle, cheeks and eye brows.

Any shaping can be achieved with your artwork references.
Horns / Noses
Features such as horns, beaks, noses, etc can be created out of various materials like rubber, vinyl, soft material, rubberized foam and silicone. Many of these options can be made solid or hollow and also can include LED lighting.
Fabrication of parts are custom made to match your reference artwork.