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Body Suit Construction
Key Features
  • Multiple tolerances of tightness
  • Front or back zipper entrance
  • Padding detail for muscles or structure
  • Can make use of DTD or measurements

Each body suit is made with premium quality fur that is machine sewn to measurements specific to you, from my measuring charts or can be provided with a duct tape dummy (DTD) in combination.

For ease of making sure the body is accurate in every curve, supplying a duct tape dummy is always recommended.

I also can work with just measurements.

DTD Tutorial Measuring Tutorial

Tight fitting suits can be made in combination with stretchy materials but are not recommended for your average suit. With Semi-tight the measurements will very between 1" to 3" so the suit will fit not tight but enough that there is no excess of fur overlapping. A mascot fit would be the universal option that can accommodate a variety of body types.

The entrance zipper can be placed either on the back or in the front, and depending on the design it could be possible to hide in with the patterning. The tail can also be attached to the body suit or made removable.

A soft spandex Lycra liner can also be sewn on the inside of the suit, providing more comfort and ease of getting in and out of, and can also help with staying cooler in suit for longer periods of time.

Want to fit the character you have designed up? Body padding can also be designed with an internal muscle jump suit that consists of either foam or polyfill (depending on the application), and can have removable components to allow the ease of washing and caring for your suit.

I can also construct plush suits that are like giant stuffed animals that's fully lined on the inside and made to where you can add and remove polyfill.