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Parade Sandals (v2)
Parade Sandals (v2)


Availability: Yes (Will ship in 7 to 14 days)

Price: $ 86.00
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Oversized Paws

Underside Design

Provides comfort and protection for your fursuit paws, no matter the fursuit maker!


Sandals are one inch thick rubberized foam and includes 2 adjustable buckles on each sandal. With the current design the center harness floats over the crossing toe strap making for a better look and fit. Custom made to fit customer specific feet paws (you will need to supply photos with measurements from the instructions below).


You can select different colors for the base (rubberized foam), strapping and buckles (when available). The underside of the sandals can also have a paw pad design etched.


Please note, when you receive your sandals they are meant to fit your paws snug so they don't slide around while you walk. This is alright temporarily when in use, but when storing I recommend taking off the sandals so they don't crease any fur.


Sandals Instructions

Since these sandals are made to fit your paw dimensions, a few measurements will be needed (along with some pics). Once your order is placed you will be redirected to the measurement form with detailed instructions.


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