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    Blushing Cheeks Kit
    Availability: In Stock

    Price: (Per Kit) $125.00

    Extra Button: Push Button - Steady On (+ $8.00)
    Custom Note:


    This kit adds the effect of blushing when the nose button is pushed. An additional push button (Steady On) can be added (12" length) when triggered it will keep the cheeks illuminated until you push the button again (overrides the nose button).

    Connectors are used between each component to allow easy installation as well as making each component replaceable. 


    Color Programmable

    With this unit you also have the ability to change the blushing color or effect when the nose button is triggered. This is easily programmed by accessing the startup menu by a combination of holding and releasing the nose button when first powered on (instructions included - video demonstration). It will retain what option you select until next time you change it.



    This kit includes the following (fully assembled):

    • Head Control Unit (HCU)
    • 2 diffused resin cheek plates
    • Push button trigger (nose button) with plate
    • 9v battery case with On/Off switch


    Item is available to ship in 5 to 14 days, depending on availability.